Emacs for NeXT/Open/GNUstep / MacOS X Authorship

This page lists those responsible for porting GNU Emacs to NeXTstep and hence to OpenStep, Rhapsody, MacOS X, and finally GNUstep. (See project page.) Please report any errors or omissions to arobert at cogsci.ucsd.edu.
Carl Edman
original author and maintainer, mainly UI
Michael Brouwer
heavy contributor, input handling and other areas
Christian Limpach
help / maintenance on NeXTstep
Scott Bender
OpenStep,Rhapsody ports
Christophe de Dinechin
MacOS X port
Adrian Robert
GNUstep port
Joe Reiss
popup menu, dialog boxes; icons
Andrew Athan
font panel integration
Scott Byer
improved rendering code
Scott Hess
keyboard handling suggestions